Hiking Trails

Cromwell Valley Park contains many trails, ranging from easy to strenuous. The following are those which are well established and blazed. There are also many un-designated trails including shortcuts between the "colored" trails. Visitors are asked to stay on the trails as much as possible. Trail brochures are available at the information kiosk across from the Willow Grove parking lot and the Sherwood Farm parking lot near the Sherwood House.

Meadow Trail (Yellow) - .4 mile one way
Trail begins a short walk up the hill from the Merrick House at Willow Grove Farm. Follow the tree line around the perimeter of a gently rolling meadow. At the far end, sit at the crest of the hill and observe what the meadow has to offer.

Field with MilkweedField Trail (Green) - .2 mile one way
Beginning where the Sherwood Farm Trail (orange) crosses the stream in the woods, this trail offers a brief climb to the upper fields of the Willow Grove Farm. Rest at the benches overlooking the field, or continue up the Willow Grove Trail (red).

Willow Grove Trail (Red) - 1.1 miles one way
This trail offers the parkís more strenuous climb, leading to the top of Cromwell Valley. Deer and other wildlife are often seen at this less frequented end of the park. The trail offers plenty of opportunities for detours to the Meadow Trail (yellow), Field Trail (green) or the mown paths through the upper fields.

Barrans Trail (Lime Green)
This is the newest trail, on the recently acquired Barrans' property, which connects to Providence Road. It is reached from the Willow Grove Trail (red) and is very hilly.

Sherwood Farm Trail (Orange) - .7 mile one way
Lots of variety on this trail, from the shady path between the farm fields, to a spring-fed stream in the woods, through the heart of the parkís working farm and along the northern bank of Minebank Run. A brief walk along a portion of the Willow Grove Trail (red) completes the loop.

Minebank Run Trail (Blue) - 1.2 miles one way
Follow the farmís dirt roads along Minebank Run through the length of the park. A flat trail with lots of opportunity to get a first-hand look at stream ecology, historic structures and the amphibian pond (just past the lime kilns). At the west end is Good Fellowship Farm, now selling produce, Christmas trees and holiday wreaths. To the east, the trail ends at the bubbling pond, and connects up the steep hill to an un-designated trail. Please respect private property, which is posted, particularly near the lime kilns on the stream side.

Lime Kiln Trail (White) - .2 mile one way
From Willow Grove Farm, this short trail takes you around the top of the lime kilns to their base where it meets the Minebank Run Trail (blue).

Wellington Woods East Trail (Red/White) - .5 mile one way
Wellington Woods West Trail (Green/White) - .5 mile one way
Access to these linked trails is from the Sherwood Farm Trail (orange) or from the screened "Summer house" that can been seen up the hill behind the Sherwood House. These trails, entirely through wooded terrain, offer a tranquil shaded walk. There are some steep grades.

Orienteering Course
The Orienteering Course is a loop with 10 control points, approximately 1.5 miles in length. It is considered a beginner's course, and covers moderate terrain through varied meadow, forest and stream habitat, and includes several of the historical features of the Park. The course begins at the kiosk by the Willow Grove parking lot. A map and instructions can be downloaded or they are available at the Willow Grove Nature Education Center.

Orienteering Instructions (PDF)
Orienteering Map (PDF)

Map of Cromwell
Valley Park trails

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