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Hiking Trails

Hiking Trails

Cromwell Valley Park contains many trails, ranging from easy to strenuous. The following are those which are well established and blazed. There are also many un-designated trails including shortcuts between the “colored” trails. Visitors are asked to stay on the trails as much as possible. Trail brochures are available at the information kiosk across from the Willow Grove parking lot and the Sherwood Farm parking lot near the Sherwood House.

Download the CVP TRAIL MAP.

Additional trail maps can be found at ALL TRAILS

Trail Club

Do you enjoy hiking the trails at CVP? If so, consider being a member of the trail club at the Park. We need interested individuals to donate time and energy for maintaining and improving our trails. No experience is necessary, and we will provide the tools and training necessary for you to help us keep the trails in tip-top condition. For more information, please contact the Park office Monday through Friday between 9am & 2pm at 410-887-2503.

Orienteering Course

The Orienteering Course is a loop with 10 control points, approximately 1.5 miles in length. It is considered a beginner’s course, and covers moderate terrain through varied meadow, forest and stream habitat, and includes several of the historical features of the Park. The course begins at the kiosk by the Willow Grove parking lot. A map and instructions can be downloaded or they are available at the Willow Grove Nature Education Center.

The orienteering points at Cromwell Valley Park are wooden posts, standing about thirty inches above the ground. The tops of the posts are painted orange and white, and are marked by a letter and a number. When you arrive at a control point, you write down the letter to prove that you have been there. When you get all ten letters from the points, unscramble the letters to spell out a phrase related to wildlife at the park.

Beginning at the Willow Grove parking lot kiosk, you will use the map (available at the Park’s web site or at the Willow Grove Nature Education Center) to proceed to each control point in numerical order. Once you have reached marker #10, return to the kiosk to complete the course. Each control point is located somewhere within the circle on the map.

Should you have difficulty finding a control point, here are a few clues:

#1 is around the parking lot.
#2 is by the slave graveyard.
#3 is near the foot bridge.
#4 is by the Sherwood House.
#5 is near the waterfall.
#6 is on the high point.
#7 is by the well.
#8 is near the lime kiln.
#9 is in the field near the bluebird boxes.
#10 is along the trail south of Mine Bank Run.

Download the Orienteering Map